High-Quality Precision Grinding and Milling

Get high-quality precision grinding, milling, and more from Vision Tool in Meadville, Pennsylvania. We have wide-ranging capabilities in our climate-controlled facility to meet the needs of the metals and plastics industries.


Exquisite Precision

Achieve extremely precise tolerances up to +.000050"/-.000050". We work with tool steel, carbide, and stainless steel. EDM services are also available in both wire and plunge.


Complete Services

Use one reliable manufacturer for all your needs. Our work includes:

• Highest-Quality Blank and Forming Dies
• Standard Bolster Plates
• Strippers
• Punches

• Dies
• Carbide-Tipped and Solid-Carbide Long-Life Tooling
• Spare Tooling


Design and Build

Get service customized to your specifications. We have design-and-build capabilities for:

• Injection Molds
• Stamping Dies
• Fixtures • Gauges • Small Custom or Special Machines


We have all the machinery we need to meet your requirements. Our capabilities include:

• .004" Holes through .400" Thick Material
• Heat-Treated A2, D2, M2 and Carbide
• .008" Holes through .500" Thick Material
• While maintaining +/- .0002" on ID and Centrality
• Precision Grinding of Tool Steels, Carbide, & Stainless Steels
• With a Precision of +/- .00005"
• Custom Small-Sized Machinery
• High-Quality Bland and Forming Dies
• Precision Bolster Plates
• Accurate Strippers and Cutters
• High-Tolerance Punches and Dies for the Power Compacting Industry
• Custom Molds to Your Specifications
• Material Coating
Contact us in Meadville, Pennsylvania, for industrial tooling tailored to meet your needs.